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Yuuri on Ice!
Here's a little piece I did for all the "Yuuri!!! On Ice" fans out there :)

To be honest: At first I struggled a bit with this show, because I did expect something ENTIRELY different when I watched it for the first time.
I'm a big fan of sports anime and I was really looking forward to YOI because I really loved the animation and the characters that were shown in the teaser trailer. And ice skating is just purely faszinating so I had no other choice than to check it out.

So when I watched the first episode I was a bit surprised by the huge amount of boyslove vibes coming up (and they were increasing with every episode) - so I first thought it was just another show like "Free!" that also had a bit of BL vibes going on, though in this case it was purely fanservice (in my opinion at least ;)). Don't get me wrong: I like boyslove (I read a lot of online BL manga and there are some very good ones out there!). But I don't like it, if it's just there for the purpose of amusing and pleasing female fans and doesn't really contribute to the story.

Well, YOI is quite different - here the BL is not fanservice, it is a major part of the story, aside from the sports theme. The characters have depth, they have motives and you can totally feel this. Sure, sometimes there are some awkward moments as well, that feel a bit out of place and way over the top - but more important than that: This show is sooo much fun to watch. I've never laughed so much watching an anime, honestly. It's just "Bam! In your face!" and that's really refreshing :) I also experienced something important for myself: A good sports anime doesn't need to be shounen :)

And that's why I just needed to honor this show with a nice piece of fanart ^__^ Hope you like it!

© Yuuri!!! On Ice by Mitsurō Kubo, Sayo Yamamoto
Fanart by me -
Please don't use or distribute without permission!
Palm Beach Two - Original Comic
Hey you guys!

Aside from fanart, I'm also producing my very own stuff, and a few weeks ago I started to translate my comic from this year "Palm Beach Two - Cat-astrophe!" into English :)
It's a gangster comedy/action story set in the 70s, starring the two not so lucky crooks Chat and Rico dealing with all kinds of problems while they're trying to fullfill their duty ^^

You can read the comic for free on tapastic:…

I have no real update schedule, but I try to put up new pages at least once a week :)

Maybe some of you are interested - I'd really appreciate it!
Detective Conan - Shinichi Kudo

No time for big artworks, but there's always time for some small here and there sketches ;) Especially if you smash some funny colors on it afterwards :D

Shinichi Kudo - Detective Conan

I really do hope that this series will come to an end some day, but I still love it ^__^

Lance - Elite Four Kanto
The Pokémon fever still hasn't gone away, so I just had to do one more artwork :P

Lance is probably my favorite trainer and Gyarados is my favorite Pokémon ^__^

I took the outfit reference straight from the 3rd episode of "Pokémon Generations" - which inspired me in the first place ;)
Watched it yesterday and totally fell in love with how Lance was looking and acting there! So great!
(and I think this is also his outfit in the "Fire Red" and "Leaf Green" game editions)

Dragons, yeah!

Diamond no Ace - Miyuki Kazuya

Some of you know it: I LOVE sports anime! (especially the ones from the category “shounen”) I don’t know why, but somehow I get really excited about these “I wanna be the best!” or “I give my all to reach my goal!” or “No matter what, I won’t stop and never give up!” stories :D
[I guess, it’s because I have the same attitude when it comes to drawing and I got this little, stubborn bouncebackability ;) ]

Granted, most of these anime use a cookie-cutter approach and are very similar when it comes to story building. Some anime enthusiasts might find this annoying and quite boring in the long run, but I personally don’t mind it. If you know the genre, you roughly know what you’ll get and don’t pitch your expectations too high ^^ (thus you can be surprised positively at least ;) )

My sports anime background started very classically with “Captain Tsubasa” and “Mila Superstar”. After that I was kind of fixated on soccer anime (I do like soccer!) till I accidentally encountered the volleyball anime “Haikyuu!” about 2 years ago, which I think is one of the best of the sports genre. From volleyball it wasn’t a huge step to basketball, also swimming found its way onto my watch list and now … well I actually reached baseball :D

To be honest, I never really was interested in baseball – though I watched some Hollywood movies about baseball that were pretty good (but here the game wasn’t so important, it was more the surrounding that mattered – and yes, I do like good sports drama movies as well :P ), but I didn’t have a clue about the whole thing.

In any case, I accidentally stumbled upon a few positive comments about a newer baseball anime called “Diamond no Ace” (or “Dia no Ace“ or “Ace of Diamond“; 2 seasons with a total of 126 episodes so far; available on crunchyroll). Since I felt like watching some good sports anime again, I thought I’d give it a try :)

And yes, it is really good!
In the beginning you have to adapt a bit because the first few episodes contain a lot of awkward slapstick comedy and the main character (MC) is also a bit annoying at first. It’s just a bit too much at a time ^^ But if you give it some time you’ll discover that this show is more than just sports and comedy.

The story itself is quite classic: The MC comes from his provincial Junior High to the elite Senior High School in the big city and wants to proof himself as pitcher in the baseball team. There he gets to his limits and then fights along with his teammates to overcome his own limitations and push everything to a new level.  Veeeery roughly outlined :D

What makes the difference here is the fact that the focus isn’t on the MC all the time. A lot of other characters nicely get some show time on their own. This brings good variation into the story and also some unexpected turnouts. In general, the characters with their individual features are the ones driving the story and keeping the flow (it’s mostly the same with “Haikyuu!”).
Another very positive thing to mention: the baseball games are pretty exciting and well animated! Plus: the BGM soundtrack is very good and suits the show well :)

Interestingly the MC is not the actual star of the show, it’s one of his supporting characters. In my opinion the catcher and cleanup batter Miyuki Kazuya is one of the key characters of DnA, and that’s why I chose him to be my favorite character ;) And that’s also why I wanted to draw him in my style ^^

Haha, wow, so much typing just to tell you this :D (a virtual cookie for everyone who read until this line ;) )

By the way, I know a whole lot about baseball now! It’s really not as complicated as I thought all the time :D

Gosh, am I enthusiastic, haha!



Katrin Felder
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I use deviantart mainly for fanarts and stuff! If you wanna see some of my original artworks & comics, you can go to my official website :) (some content on my page is only available in german, I'm sorry)


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